At this place you will find frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) and of course our answers. This site is constantly being updated.

1. Are all GAMES 4 BRAINS-Levels really solvable?
Yes!!! We are not that impudent, that we publish unsolvable levels!

2. How many packs with different Sokoban-Puzzles from GAMES 4 BRAINS are there? How can I order those levelpacks (levelsets)?
Currently, there are 9 big ones with each 100 levels SOKOWAHN (1995), SOKOBLUE (1996), SOKOPLAY (1997), SOKOMAXX (1998), SOKOTIME (1999), SOKOIDEA (2000), SOKOGOLD (2001), SOKOCULT (2002) SOKOLOVE (2003) ,SOKOSTARS (2004), SOKODREAM (2008). There are also some smaller sets, i.e. the EASY SOKO-Set (40 levels) or our 'Level of the Month's (1-6 levels).

3. In the past I played the 50 "original" Sokoban-Problems. Can I get those for SOKOBLUE or SOKOFUN?
Unfortunately not! G4B does not own the copyright for the old Sokoban-Levels. We at G4B try to offer levels of about equal quality though.

4. How can I obtain previously released Levels of the Months?
The Levels from 5/97 to 1/98 are part of the set SOKOPLAY. More monthly levels can be found in our levelsets SOKOMAXX, SOKOTIME, SOKOIDEA and SOKOGOLD.

5. Can I use GAMES 4 BRAINS-Levels in my own Sokoban-Version?
In order to do that you need to acquire our permission, because we own the copyright on them.

6. I am collecting G4B's monthly levels. How can I put them into a single levelset?
You can do this the easy way by using the Import-function of SOKOFUN Pro's EDITOR -mode.

7. Who is Mic?
Behind the pseudonym "Mic" exists a real person. What can we tell about him without uncovering his alter ego? When he is not creating high-class sokoban-stages he is crazy about windsurfing and music.

8. Which levelset is the best or hardest?
This is not easy to say. SOKOWAHN and SOKOPLAY-sets are more suited for beginners, SOKOBLUE, SOKOCULT and SOKOMAXX are right for the advanced player. We recommend SOKOTIME, SOKOIDEA, SOKOGOLD, SOKOLOVE, SOKOSTARS and SOKODREAM only to the experienced sokoban-devotee. These sets are full of tricks and mean traps! You have been warned!

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