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System-requirements: Pentium 233 VGA, 16 MB RAM, mouse
Version: 2.0
Op.-system: Win 95/98/NT/2000/XP etc.
Price: Fullversion + levelpack incl. movies  10$ or 10 EUR
shipping overseas (if not sent by e-mail) 5 $

Download SOKOBLUE plus (240KB)!

"SOKOBLUE plus" is the follow-up to SOKOBLUE 98.

Compared to former SOKOBLUE-versions improvements are as follows:

  • The game (pusher included) can be controlled entirely by mouse!
  • The shortest (!) paths are detected automatically.
  • Additional Levelpacks can be selected the easy way

Several large G4B-Levelpacks (100 stages each) are available for SOKOBLUE plus:
  • SOKOWAHN-Levelpack
  • SOKOBLUE-Levelpack
  • SOKOPLAY-Levelpack
  • SOKOMAXX-Levelpack
  • SOKOGOLD-Levelpack
  • SOKOCULT-Levelpack
You can be sure: G4B-Levelpacks consist of unique levels only.
Nothing has been released before in old sokoban/boxxle-versions!

Options featured in all of our SOKO-games!

One of the helpful features is the unlimited-UNDO-function, which allows the player to take back all of his steps.
SOKOBLUE plus also offers to save the solution of a stage as a movie (MOVIE-function). So you can show your friends, how you did it!

Shareware - Fullversion

The only difference between the shareware and the fullversion is the number of levels. The shareware includes 20 levels, while every levelpack of the fullversion is made up of 100 levels!

SOKOFUN - Freeware

System-requirements: Pentium, VGA, 16 MB RAM, mouse
Version: 1.6
Op.-system: Win 95/98/2000/NT/XP/VISTA/Windows 7

Download SOKOFUN! (ca 500kb)

"SOKOFUN" is a compilation of three different Sokoban-style games:

1. Sokoblue/Sokowahn/Sokoban
Classical Sokoban! You have to push all boxes/pyramids onto certain places!

2. Sokolor
Tiles of the same colour need to be pushed together!

3. Sokonex
Push all Connector-tiles together!  Don't be disturbed by movable lasers, holes in the ground and broken plates.

What is new in version 1.6?

  • New graphics
  • Optimized mouse-control
  • More levels for free

Old features:

+ Three great puzzlers in one package
+ unique levels, never seen before
+ MOVIE-mode, shows level-solution just as a video
+ unlimited UNDO (+REDO)
+ save and load "Solution in progress"
+ easy to use mouse-control
+ levelpacks available at cool prices
+ GERMAN and ENGLISH language

Freeware - What does it mean?

There is not evaluation time-limit!
You can spread this software as you like (commercial distribution excluded)!
You may not distribute SOKOFUN in purpose of making money of it!
You may not grab parts of the program (i.e. level-pattern) for your own products!

9 OF 9 für Windows - Freeware

"9 of 9" is a little game of logic: Press buttons to manipulate the numbers written on them. The goal is to rise all numbers to the same value.  System-requirements: 80486, VGA
Version: 1.1
Op.-system: Win 3.x + Win 95/98
Price: Freeware

Download 9 OF 9!

Software Awards for GAMES 4 BRAINS Programs

Sokofun AWARD 5 STARS 5 stars at Best Vista downloads
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